At Comptoir des Baies we are passionate about shade-grown coffee, cultivars that stand out for their character and quality and building a higher level of quality, sustainability and personality onto the discerning coffee zeitgeist.



The healthy ecophysiology of  a coffee plantation is a criterion of the outmost importance, as it is the land that produces the valuable raw material for our beverages.

Shade-grown coffee means healthier soil and a pesticide-free environment for coffee trees and pollinators alike.

High altitude, optimal climate, rich forest cover & healthy soil, are sine qua non conditions for growing superior quality coffees.

In a shaded coffee farm, coffee trees grow under a canopy of multiple tree species. Those can vary from banana trees in East Africa to citrus trees in Central America. Shaded farms play a big role in connecting habitat patches, preserving genetic diversity and sheltering native wildlife. They will also serve as reservoirs for future forest regeneration, as the farms typically fall out of production in less than a century.
















The quality of our food reflects our thinking. To us, good coffee is clean, pure and culturally authentic.

We work to deliver a beverage experience that respects our bodies, our planet and our shared present and future.

Through our coffees we wish to spread the philosophy of purity, simplicity & sophistication that captures the unique knowledge found within the art and technique of treating & preparing coffee.

Human life has always been dependent on plants for the qualities and developments that they provide, which include medicine and food production. It has become so easy to forget, that coffee comes from a fruit. Coffee beans are the dried seeds of the plant's fruit and as such, the seed has a life cycle. 

Evaluating that together with it's culinary usage is part of our focus on provenance, traceability, quality and standards.


By bringing our core values to life we sincerely hope to rekindle the intimacy between people, land and coffee.